Python is undoubtedly the one of the popular programming language of the present IT world. Learning Python programming language is a wonderful experience and being a Python developer opens up the door for number of job opportunities.

One way to learn Python and gain expertise in this programming language is to start working on Python projects. Moreover, project-based learning helps to improve student’s knowledge. When it comes to building your career as a Python developer, it is must for developers to work on their own projects that boost their confidence about the skills set they have learnt.

So this article discusses about top 11 Python projects that every aspiring Python learners can develop themselves to become an efficient Python developer. But before that we recommend you to read this blog mentioned below that discuss in detail about different career opportunities related to Python programming.

Topics that will be covered in this blog are as follows:

  • What is Python?
  • Top 11 Python projects.

What is Python?

Python is one of the popular, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language of the present IT industry. Many surveys say that Python is now one of the popular programming languages. Now organizations are considering this programming language to develop their software projects. As a result this programming language is providing a huge number of job openings for aspiring IT professionals.

Python supports cross-platform operating systems. This feature makes building applications more convenient. Some of the globally known applications including YouTube, BitTorrent etc use this programming language to achieve functionality.

One important aspect of this programming language is that it not only supports Object-Oriented Programming Concept (OOP) but it also supports Procedural Oriented Programming Concept (POP). 

Some of the applications of Python programming language are as follows:

  • Web development: Python is widely used for developing web development. Python provides a number of frameworks that make it easier for developers to build these projects.
  • Game development: Python provides a lot flexibility for developers to develop game projects.  Python provides number of libraries such as PySoy and PyGame can be used widely for game development.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence projects are different from traditional software projects. To develop such projects, it requires a programming language that is more stable, secure, platform independent, flexible and it must be equipped with tools that can handle various unique requirements. Python programming language has such features that makes it most suited programming language to develop ML and AI projects.
  • Desktop GUI: Python offers many GUI toolkits and frameworks which makes it the most preferred programming language to develop desktop applications. Some of the libraries such as PyQt, PyGtk, Tkinter allow developers to create highly functional Graphical User Interfaces.
  • Audio and video applications: Python offers such features that developers can use this programming language to develop Audio and Video applications. Some of the applications such as TimPlayer and Cplay have been developed using Python.
  • Business applications: Python can be used to develop different business applications covering different domains such as e-commerce, ERP etc. Since developing such applications require a programming language which is scalable, extensible, readable etc. and Python offers such applications.

Source: Statista

Some of the reasons that make Python one of the popular programming languages are as follows:

  • Python is easiest programming language to learn,
  • Python follows simple syntax
  • Python provides large number of libraries for the developers.

Did You Know? Python is the preferred programming language for working on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects

Let us see some of the features of Python programming language.

  • Easy to learn: Since Python follows very simple coding structure, few keywords and has a clearly defined syntax, it is considered as one of the easiest programming to learn.
  • Object-Oriented language: Python supports Object-Oriented programming concept. It supports Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulationetc. This feature helps programmers to write reusable code and develop applications in lesser code.
  • Provides large standard library: Python provides large number of libraries that has some handy codes nd functions making it easy for programmers to build projects.
  • Cross-platform language: Python is cross-platform programming language. This programming language can run on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix and Macintosh etc. This helps programmers to run develop the software for several competing platforms by writing a program only one time.
  • Interpreted: Python is an interpreted programming language. This means Python program is executed one line at a time. This makes debugging easy and portable.
  • High-Level Language: Python has been designed to be a high-level programming language. It means while writing Python codes developers don’t need to be aware of the coding structure, architecture as well as memory management.

Advantages of Building Python Projects:

During your journey to become a Python developer it is better to work on few Python projects. They make you apply the skills and knowledge you have acquired.

Some of the key benefits are as follows:

  • Builds Your Confidence: Working on projects will help you to gain confidence about your ability to work on Python projects. These projects make you believe more in your ability to create software regardless the level of complexity.
  • Help You To Learn Other Technologies: While working on any Python projects you will learn about other technologies such as databases, servers and other languages.
  • Allow You To Understanding Programming Concepts Better: You will learn in-depth understanding about how to write code better and understand concepts such as design patterns and object-oriented programming.
  • Helps You To Learn Software Development Life Cycle: While developing projects you will learn how to plan before writing code, manage the coding process and update software.
  • Helps You To Get a Job: The other benefit of building Python projects is that it helps to get your job. Employers while hiring entry-level candidates will look into the certain skills in them. In such scenarios these projects will prove that you have obtained all the required skills that employers are looking into the candidates.

Top 11 Python projects

1. URL shortner:

URL shortner is a project that can be developed using Python programming language. Every businessman wants to have unique URL for his company website. But having a longer URL is not user-friendly. So it is important to make URL shortner with the help URL shortner applications.

A URL shortner URL takes long URL and shortens them it into a readable string with lesser characters. It makes the URL to read easily and remember. Some of the examples of URL shortner applications are Bitly and MeShort.

The main objective of this project is to shorten URL’s and then redirect users to the original URL when the shortened URL is visited. In the URL shortner application users have to input the original URL and then they will get the new, shortened URL as the result.

Some of the skills required to develop this project are as follows:

  • Python programming
  • Database Systems
  • Web Development (for the frontend website where users submit the long URL).

2. Expense tracker

An expense tracker is a very good project to work upon for any one learning Python. This app can be used both online as well as offline. This app can be used by a person to enter both his earning and expenditure and tracks both to show available balance. Here users can check past expenditures to get an idea of spending.

The main objective of this project is to keep track of the user’s expenses. Some statistical analysis has to be made to enable the users to correct information on their expenses and help them to spend better.

The key aspect in this application is to have a good User Interface to improve the user’s experience. This can be achieved with the help of PySimpleGUI.

Some of the PyData libraries such as pandas and matplotlib can be helpful for building the expense tracker.

Skills needed to develop this project are Python programming and Database Systems. Some of the examples of expense tracker and expense management apps are as follows:

  • Buddi
  • GnuCash
  • SplitWise

3. Contact Book

We meet several people everyday and collect their contact details to keep in touch with them later on. But keeping details about all such contact details is very difficult task to do. This is where Contact Book project comes in.

Contact Book is project written in Python programming language. This project file is written in Python script ( It is a simple project which is very easy to understand and use. In simple terms a Contact Book is a tool for saving a contact detail’s including Name, address, phone number and email address etc.

These tools come up several features such as updating the contact list, edit the contact list and many more. In this tool you can also allow users to list contacts using different parameters such as alphabetical order or contact creation date.

Some of the examples of Contact Book are as follows:

  • Simple Contacts
  • Pobuca Connect.

4. File Manager

Sometimes managing files on personal computer becomes a very difficult task to do. If all the files are placed in a single directory then it difficult to navigate and find files. So, it is necessary to arrange files in a systematic manner and arrange them properly. So File Manager comes very useful in such scenarios.

A file manager is an application that allows users to manage files and directories through a user interface. With this application users can arrange, access, and administer their files and directories properly without knowing how to use the command line.

While developing this project developers can use PySimpleGUI library to create unique user interfaces with powerful widget, without having to deal with a lot of complexity.

Here users should be able to perform some tasks easily such as creating new directories or empty text files and also be able to copy and move files or directories.

Some of the libraries such as sys, os, and shutil will be very useful for this project. Developer can implement grid and list views in the application that allows the users an option to choose which view option is suitable for them.

Example of the File Manager tools are as follows:

Some of the implementations of File Manager idea:

  • FreeCommander
  • Explorer++.

5. Online Property Management System

Real estate is a industry that deals with business such as selling, buying, renting land, building offices and many more. Real estate agencies duties include giving the properties like building, flats, houses etc on rent or selling the property.

Many people search for property such as offices, flats, bungalows etc. for different needs and they do have their own requirements. For example, people want his house in best localities and office should be located near the market to get more business etc.

To meet these requirements, people need to meet the agents in person, to check all the property details and also needs to visit the location. All such steps takes lot of time for people to get their desired property. So to help people in such scenarios Online Property, Management System proves to be very useful.

These online property management systems help people to get best property by sitting at their homes. It allows the people to search the best property and book their favorite property with just a few clicks.

These tools provides options for agents to add the property for renting/selling purpose and for people to buy or take property on rent.

Some of the benefits of this tools are:

  • It saves the time both for agents and for users
  • It allows to get best offers
  • It is very easy to access the system from anywhere.

Some of the software requirements for building this project are as follows:

  • Python programming language
  • Django framework
  • MySQL database.   

6. Ecommerce Website Live Visitor Tracking System

Ecommerce know as electronic commerce is a platform that allows the users to sell or buy products by sitting at their home using Internet. Ecommerce industry is growing continuously at a faster rate. As more and more people are purchasing goods through online, this industry is facing some problems such as online identity verification, competitor analysis, maintaining customer’s loyalty etc. So to address such issues Ecommerce Website Live Visitor Tracking System helps.

This tool helps to track some details such as visitors visiting the website, which products they are purchasing and what kind of products they are interested to purchase etc. All such information will help retailers to analyze their customer’s behavior and know what kind of products they are willing to purchase and hence prepare their business strategies accordingly.

This product comes up with two modules namely, Admin and User. Admin panel can be used to add products, view the products, etc. User can be used to look into the product, select the product and add it to cart, etc.

Some of the benefits of this tool are as follows:

  • This tool help the admins to judge how many users visits their daily.
  • It allows the admins to get information regarding the randomly checked product.

Software requirements to build this project:

  • Python Programming Language
  • Django framework
  • MySQL database.

7. Efficient Courier Tracking System

Courier Tracking System is one of the efficient projects to work upon. Working on this project will help the learners to gain more knowledge and make them feel confident about their skillset.

Courier services provider usually have a large network across countries.  A courier goes to various places including distributed center and delivered using transportation services such as aero plane, ship, road transport etc. Every customer want to keep track of their consignment through online or via email or SMS. They want to know where their courier has been reached just by logging into the application and entering the courier number.

To enable customer to do all this task an efficient courier tracking system is necessary. Using this tracking system the users may now track his package as and when needed.

Advantages of this system:

  1. This system allows the authorities to keep track of the goods they have sent to their customers.
  2. Receiver can track their courier or ordered goods.

Software requirements to build this project:

  • Python programming language
  • Django framework
  • MySQL Database

8. MP3 Player

MP3 player is a device that is being used for playing MP3 and other digital audio files. This MP3 Player GUI project idea attempts to emulate the physical MP3 player. You can create software which allows you to play an MP3 files on your computer.

For its efficient use this application has to have a very good user interface. This can be used for listening the available MP3 files. Here you can also give users an option to list other digital audio files that are not MP3.

The interface should also show information on the file that is playing. Some other information you can include here such as name of the file, its length, the amount played, and the amount that is not played in minutes and seconds.

Some of Python libraries can play audio files such as pygame that allows to work with multiple files in a few line of code. Here you can also use Python’s sqlite3 module allows you to use the SQLite database. This database can be used to store information on the created playlists.

Some of the examples of MP3 players are as follows:

  • MusicBee
  • Foobar2000.

9. Online Employee Payroll Management System

Online Employee Payroll Management System is software application that helps in generating salary of the employees every month without any worries.

Payslips are the documents that are provided to employees to record their monthly pay and allowances. Generating these Payslips manually is a time consuming job, so most of the organization are taking help of these Online Employee Payroll Management System.

This Payroll management software has one HR module using which HR can add some information about all their employees such as their persona details, their salary details, leaves they have taken and many more.

Using all these information, this software does salary calculation of each employees and their salary slip will be generated. This software contains 1 module with some other sub-modules as follows:

  • Login: This module can help HR to login in his personal account using his id and password.
  • Add Employee: Using this module HR can add employee details, salary details and leaves they have taken
  • Add Attendance: This module helps HR to upload their monthly attendance excel file of each employee
  • Salary Calculation: This module can help HR to calculate salary and manage leaves
  • Salary Slip: This software generates salary slip and automatically email will be sent
  • Manage employee: In this module HR can mange employees details.

Some of the software requirements to build this project are as follows:

  • Python programming language
  • Django framework
  • MySQL Database.

10. Online College Management System

Online College Management System is an application that helps to make the admission process easier. This software helps the college administrators to add all the details related to their college and about the stream details. It allows colleges to create cut off marks for all the streams. Using this software college can register admission of new students and they can also remove the students who denies the admission.

This system allows students to login and view the entire details about the college and also they can see cut off marks list of various streams. Here they can also apply to the respective college and get notification of they got selected.

Advantages of this project:

  • It saves a lot of time for both students and college management members.
  • This software is very easy to access the system from anywhere and at anytime.

Software requirements to build this project are as follows:

  • Python Programming Language
  • Django framework
  • MySQL database.

11. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism is one of the important projects that any professionals can consider working upon it who are willing to learn Python. Developing such projects can boost their confidence about the skills set they have learnt.

To develop this project you can use a natural language processing library along with the Google search API to create a program that searches the first few pages of Google and checks the plagiarism.

Now that we have seen different projects that any aspiring developers can work upon, now let us see which project platform you should while building projects.

Choosing a Project Platform

Some of the platforms that developers can use to build their projects are Web, Desktop and Command-line. It is important to develop projects on a certain platform so that it can be used by others.

Web: Web applications are software applications that run on web. These applications can be accessed using Internet. Thus, if anyone wants to develop a project for public use, then web is the right platform for such applications.

Desktop GUI: Desktop applications are widely used by people across the world. Hence building such desktop applications can be good idea both for freshers as well as for intermediate-level Python developers. The advantage of developing such projects is that developers need not to learn any front-end technologies to develop such projects. Python provides several frameworks to develop such applications.

Command-line: Command-line applications are the such applications that work in a console window. To develop such applications developers need to have some technical knowledge of commands. Even though these applications are not user-friendly in comparison to web or desktop applications, but command-line are very powerful.

Python provides some useful command-line frameworks such as click, docopt, Plac etc.

Conclusion: This has been a guide to discuss top 11 Python projects that an aspiring Python developer can consider building on their own. These projects cover a wide range of platforms.

Building projects can be quite challenging but they are very interesting and help the developers to boost their confidence. If you have any questions related to any of the topics discussed above then please send your feedback in the comment section.

In addition to all the above information now we would like to share this link of online courses that contains a list of Python courses very well designed by experts that helps to become an efficient Python developer.

Happy reading!

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