Best CompTIA Project + Certification Requirements Guide for Project Managers

CompTIA Project Certification

Certifications are a very strong stamp of an employee’s skill in a chosen domain. A certificate from an accredited authority such as CompTIA demonstrates that she has met the requirements and can handle her work efficiently and as desired by the organization. In this blog, let us look at a few aspects of a very prominent entry-level certification-the CompTIA project+certification.

Being the world’s leading provider of vendor-neutral IT training and certifications in areas such as cloud and mobility, networking, security, open-source (Linux) development and support, CompTIA (The Computing Technology Industry Association), which has issued over two million IT certifications worldwide, has helped IT professionals grow in their careers.

Who should take up the CompTIA Project + Certification?

The CompTIA Project + certification is aimed specifically at IT professionals that manage small or midlevel projects that don’t require major skills. By taking up and passing the CompTIA Project + certification, the candidate will sharpen her skills at:

  • Managing the project life cycle
  • Communicating right to the required personnel
  • Handling stakeholders and resources
  • Documenting the project

What is different about the CompTIA Project + Certification?

The one major aspect that differentiates the CompTIA Project + certification from most others is its versatility. You can gain mastery of project management skills that you can put to use across multiple types of projects since its scope goes beyond just one project management framework, approach, or methodology.

Another area in which the CompTIA Project + certification is different is that once you get the certification, it is good for life, and doesn’t require renewal.

CompTIA Project + Certification Prerequisites

The CompTIA Project + certification Course doesn’t have set prerequisites, but it is generally recommended that the candidate have about 12 months of project management experience at least or a corresponding level of education, which will ease the exam, this being an entry-level one.

The CompTIA Project + Certification Exam

The CompTIA Project + certification consists of a single paper that has 90 questions. This has to be completed in 90 minutes.

CompTIA Project + Certification Exam Cost

This exam costs $338

CompTIA Project + Certification Outline

The CompTIA Project + certification exam consists of the following domain outline:

  • 36%: Project basics
  • 26%: Communication and change management
  • 21%: Project tools and documentation
  • 17%: Project constraints

Why take up the CompTIA Project + Certification?

Since it is an entry-level certification, it is a valuable and sure means to move into higher levels of project management. The need for project management professionals is all the more acute when one considers the very optimistic outlook that just seven project-intensive industries will need as many as 22 million jobs by 2027, indicating a very healthy growth rate of 33 percent.

CompTIA Project + Certification Pay

The thing with CompTIA Project + certification is that employers prefer employees with certifications and pay them more in comparison to non-certified employees. The mean salary for CompTIA Project + certification professionals is $99,000+ in the US and Canada.

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